Accelerated Training Program - Pre-Professional Level (by invitation only)

Our Accelerated Training Program (ATP) program is offered for serious and committed students aiming to achieve a professional career in the art of dancing. Classes are kept small in order to give the students individual attention.

Students in this program are exposed to a greater amount of hours/class per week, including mandatory rehearsals; participate in coaching sessions for competitions, and serve as an ambassador for the school. Apart from the classes on this program, students are required to be enrolled in the regular level classes.

To participate in this program the students need to demonstrate a great level of commitment and dedication. As classes run during the day, students enrolled in the ATP program need to be mature enough to balance their ballet training with the regular online academic studies. Students are expected to maintain a high level in their academics in order to participate in this program.

 For detailed information, please contact the school directly.

The ATP Program runs from September - May of each Season.


Ballet East is not an academic institution and will not provide academic education to students. Parents have the opportunity to select which method of academic schooling they wish their child to receive. Recommended alternative academic programs: Palm Beach Virtual School, Florida Virtual School, Home Link of the Palm Beaches.